Switching from "Homegrown"

What's wrong with using spreadsheets along with your accounting software, your shop floor tracking software, and that custom quoting software created for your company 20 years ago? Perhaps your answer to that question is "nothing" but we hope you'll read this case study on why Cardinal MetalWorks left their multi-software workflow for an all-in-one ERP system: MIE Trak Pro.


Learn how Cardinal MetalWorks:

  • Kept their shop afloat during the recession
  • Uses MIE Trak Pro's ERP Dashboard to track costs of running orders
  • Auto-imports customer CAD files and import sales orders through EDI into MIE Trak Pro
  • Decreased downtime due to system being down
  • Gained visibility on inventory and machines in use


"We would never have gotten this far without MIE Trak Pro. We'd be only selling $2 million a year or be out of business. Anybody that doesn't automate technically, you're asking for a real bad result."

-Larry Isaacson, General Manager

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