Upgrade to MIE Trak Pro

Converting to MIE Trak Pro can seem like a big transition. That's why we've created a booklet for you to compare what the differences and benefits are to switching over to MIE Trak Pro.


Learn how you can:

  • Log multiple items on an RFQ
  • Use APS Scheduling to track an unlimited number of schedules, giving you the ability to try different mixes of hours and work centers
  • Create Work Orders and Purchase Orders straight from the Inventory Module
  • Have the ability to schedule preventative maintenance or have your employees request a machine to be fixed
  • Get real-time alerts for everything that's happening in your shop floor and more!


"For the past 15 years I have relied on this software to offer great flow and added process control to the production floor. I have been impressed with the continuous effort and progression of it by its creators. I have seen this change the identity of the production environment first hand for three separate manufacturers."

-Jeff Freisen, SMT

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