Your Guide to ERP Selection

By using non-technical language (and a little humor to keep things interesting), this book was written just for YOU and for your ERP selection journey!

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This book is about the ERP software selection process, an exercise that should take weeks, or even months, to complete. It requires meetings, analyses, documentation of business processes, and handshakes in order for you to have a robust ERP system you can rely on.

Increase your efficiency with key modules to overcome inefficiency on your shop floor.
Rocket through your scheduling with real-time reports and dashboards from your computer, tablet, and mobile device.
Streamline your quote-to-cash workflow with an all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning system.

About the Author


Kip Hanson
Technical Writer & Manufacturing Consultant

Kip is a freelance writer with more than 35 years' experience working and writing about manufacturing and the many aspects of the industry. He has more than 600 published articles, including dozens of case studies and technical pieces on fabricating. Some of his works include, Fabricating for Dummies and Machining for Dummies

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 A Brief History of ERP
Chapter 5 Taking the Plunge
Chapter 2 What's Wrong with Spreadsheets?
Chapter 6 Doing Your Due Diligence
Chapter 3 The Building Blocks
Chapter 7 Howdy, Pardner!
Chapter 4 Clouds, SaaS, and Subscriptions
Chapter 8 Flipping the Switch